A forumer dawn at the Perodua Myvi Forums has alerted us of a problem with the Perodua Myvi rear drum brakes. Apparently something is wrong with the left rear drum brake, causing the handbrake to have not much gripping power when parked on a slope.

He recounts his experience:

VERY IMPORTANT! Please be very careful when parking your cars on hills and roads which are angled. Your hand brake does not really work. I parked my car last night, pulled my hand brake and let go of my front brakes. I didn’t realise the car was moving. At the same time, I reached out to get my cell phone from the holder, my car hit the wall.

Later, I go find my friend and we test. I pull the hand brake, but one person is still enough to push the car and the car rolls. OMG!!!

So tomorrow, I’m gonna plaster the front bumper, paint a bit and get a new number plate. Damn, gonna cost me like RM200+. Damn it. If can, I will post some pictures but I gonna finish this as soon as possible so my dad doesnt find out, but I’ll try and see whether I can borrow camera.

Forumer songfui81 also mentioned that Perodua has been alerted of this problem with the left rear drum brake. Perodua Myvi owners with chassis number PM2M301S002000001 to PM2M301S002002500 should send your cars back to the Service Center to see whether your car is affected and fix the problem.

For Perodua Myvi automatic transmission owners, please shift your gear to the P position when parking to take advantage of the gearbox parking lock in addition to your handbrake. For manual transmission owners, put your gear into first gear on uphill slopes or reverse gear on downhill slopes when parking.

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Update: Perodua Myvi owners have experience some other problems. Read this.

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