Opposition party DAP leader Lim Kit Siang has insisted that MITI Minister Rafidah Aziz should disclose the full list of AP recipients since she took over the MITI portfolio in 1987.

The list released by the Prime Minister’s Office was apparently only for the 6 months this year, and not for the past 35 years as earlier mentioned.

Lim was quoted to say:

Rafidah should demonstrate that she is not the biggest obstacle to the policy of transparency and integrity under (Abdullahs) administration by making public the full list of AP holders over the 18 years she has been the minister in charge of APs. If she is not prepared to adopt such publication as ‘best practice for transparency and integrity, she should resign as cabinet minister.

UMNO Youth Deputy Cheif Khairy Jamaluddin has also said there was a big leak in the system and it had to be plugged. The release of the AP holders list was proof that the government could be transparent in this matter.

If so, why only release 2005’s list? Things are beginning to get very interesting. Would Rafidah still be in office after all of this is over?