I’m sure many of you know about the ultimate luxury car from the same group that brings you the Mercedes Benz S-class. The Maybach 57 and 62. The numbers refer to the length of the car. Either 5.7 meters or 6.2 meters.

They’ve recently outdone themselves with a special concept luxury coupe – The Maybach Exelero.

The car is basically a Maybach 57 chassis but shorter, but width and height remains the same. The car was developed in a joint venture between Maybach and Fulda, a tyre manufacturer who wanted to use the car to test whether it’s tyres could withstand high speeds.

The particular tyre tested for this car was it’s 315/25/ZR23 series tire that is capable of speed of over 350 kph. Notice the 25? Super thin sidewall means a very low profile look. Note that this is not a racing tyre but it’s street legal!

For this crazy application, the 5.6 litre Maybach V12 was upped to 5.9 litres and the twin-turbo system was optimized for top-speed, along with other tweaks.

The result is 700bhp and 1000Nm of torque. Top speed achieved so far is 351.45kph. Well, they managed to test the speed limit of the tyres alright! :)

Fulda also teamed up with Maybach back in 1938 fo the exact same reason. This was the old Maybach that Fulda used to test it’s tyres back in 1938. Top speed was over 200kmh. The car was lost in World War 2.

You gotta love that sporty red trimmed interior! The dash sports a huge speedometer to show the high top speed that the car can go? :P