Toyota has launched the Toyota Fortuner here in Malaysia with two models, a 2.7V and 2.5G model.

The Toyota Fortuner 2.7V has a 2.7 litre VVT-i V6 petrol engine which makes about 160ps at 5200rpm and 241Nm torque at 3800rpm. This TR family of engines has been developed specifically for use in SUVs and trucks.

For those who like diesels, Toyota Fortuner 2.5G is powered by a 2.5 litre 4 cylinder turbodiesel, probably the same common rail turbodiesel found in the Hilux. The diesel powerplant makes 102ps at 3600rpm and 260Nm torque at 1600-2400rpm.

The Toyota Fortuner has a full-time 4WD system featuring a Torsen LSD, with a second set of gears (4H and 4L) with lower ratios.

The dashboard design is the same as the Innova and Hilux but with different trim levels used to portray a different feel. There is a multi-purpose display above the center console of the dashboard that can be programmed to show various information. This feature is also found in the Toyota Innova.

The market leader for full sized SUVs is the Ssangyong Rexton for now which costs about RM170,000. I wonder how Toyota will fare against that beauty, even if it is a Korean.

With the introduction of the Fortuner, all three Toyota IMV platform vehicles are now in Malaysia. The other two are the Toyota Hilux and the Toyota Innova.

The Toyota Fortuner 2.5G is priced at RM161,104.69 while the Toyota Fortuner 2.7V will cost you RM178,023.80. These prices exclude insurance.

I really don’t know how well Toyota will do with the Fortuner as from what I’ve heard everything about the car feels pretty cheap, and it is based on a RM90,000 Toyota Hilux after all. Okay, maybe not exactly cheap but it does not feel like a RM180,000 car. Everyone was expecting it to be positioned in the 140-160K price bracket.

Check out my previous post for more pictures.

More information is available at UMW Toyota’s Toyota Fortuner portal.