If you’ve noticed, vehicle safety seems to be dominating the topic of my blog posts for a while now. Car manufacturers and consumers are becoming increasingly safety-conscious, taking into account crash test results when purchasing a car.

Beginning 2007 in the USA, car buyers will be able to find out crash test results of their intended purchase much easier than before.

A regulation will take effect in 2007 requiring all cars sold in the US to display the results of 3 government crash tests on a sticker which will be displayed on the car’s window. These tests cover frontal crash impact, side impact and rollover resistance.

The date where the law will take effect is September 2006, but Honda has already started putting the sticker on their new 2006 models.

Crash test methodology have also been revised with some institutes that perform crash tests. For example, frontal and side crash tests have also incorporated the effects of a vehicle with a higher bumper crashing into the vehicle. Such revisions are expected as there are alot of SUVs on the road these days.