This concept has been christened a strange name. This is the Suzuki Mom’s Personal Wagon.

This is Suzuki’s concept of how a Mom’s Personal Wagon should be. Ample room and equipment such as food trays for kids, low on fuel consumption for those tasks like fetching kids to and fro from tuition and school.

It’s actually nothing like a wagon, more like a mini-MPV like the Perodua Kenari or Hyundai Atos.

Automatic transmission, and a single wide seat so the mom can attend to kid’s needs better, or perhaps even fit two kids in front. I don’t see any signs of airbags though… shouldn’t that be important even in a concept?

The doors on the left of the car open suicide style for easier entry and exit without a B-pillar. The right side has the normal kind of doors, with a B-pillar. Notice the difference in door handles for the left and right side of the car in the photos above.