The Proton Savvy Automated Manual Transmission was launched yesterday. The car uses a manual transmission with a computer controlled clutch, supposedly supplied by Magneti Marelli, similiar to the Renault Quickshift 5 available in the Renault Clio.

Proton’s Automated-Manual Transmission (AMT) has 5 gears. There are 2 modes, a manual selection mode where you can switch through the gears sequentially by with the gear knob. It works like a manual transmission with clutches and gears, not like an oil-driven automatic with a torque converter. No power loss there. Clutch control is computerized with precised timing, shifts are much quicker than any average driver can ever attempt with a normal manual gearbox and foot-operated clutch.

The Proton Savvy AMT costs RM45,888.00 on the road without insurance and can be booked at any Proton showrooms around the country. There’s a new colour called Galaxy Grey, specially for the AMT I’ve heard. It looks like the dark grey on the Proton Waja.

I’ll try to get a test drive and report my findings.