Let’s have a look at the designs Proton has registered with the UK Patent Office. I think it will give us an indicator on the SRM’s interior looks, of which no one has been able to get a good interior shot so far.

This is a patent for a car’s interior, registered as ‘dashboard and centre console’. It was granted on 30th June 2004. Some shots of the SRM that I’ve seen have shown that the interior is indeed cream coloured like this one, but I don’t have the photos with me now so I can’t blog it for the moment. Click here for the patent details.

Next are the seats. They look pretty comfy, and they look like leather buckets. Bucket seats are important for the sporty drive that the SRM should be promising, they secure you comfortably in the seat during high-G turns. The patent for this is available here.

Proton also registered this design patent for a meter panel. I have no idea what the two dials are for below the meters. The meters themselves looks good, I like the colour scheme. I notice the fuel gauge is on the left meter gauge and not digital. Details for this patent here.

This is the design they filed for a door trim design. I personally think putting the door lock knob together with the door handle is nicer, like the current Satrias. Details for this patent here.

Now this is what I’m a bit afraid of. They patented the bling bling wheel design. Does this mean the final product will come with it? Details for the patent here.

For a full list of patents Proton has registered in the UK, click here.