After a failed partnership with Volkswagen AG, Proton signed an agreement on the 28th of January indicating that the two companies will collaborate on certain projects but abandoning any possibilities of a joint-venture involving an equity stake. Volkswagen will also supply certain parts to Proton.

Something has come out of the new fresh discussions so far. Volkswagens executive director for international sales Kevin Rose has shed a bit of light on the shroud surrounding Proton and Volkswagens new partnership at the launch of Volkswagens new HQ in Wisma UOA, Bangsar.

Rose said Proton is likely to use two or three of Volkswagen platforms to develop new cars. These are likely to be cars not in Protons current portfolio. In my opinion, Proton is lacking an entry-level budget car to replace the Proton Saga/Iswara, an MPV and an executive sedan to replace the Proton Perdana.

This seems to be a one-way relationship akin to the previous Proton-Mitsubishi tie up back when Proton was first formed. Protons new relationship with Mitsubishi is supposed to be more of a two-way collaboration, signifying perhaps Mitsubishi acknowledges Proton has grown up and is a lot closer to the same level as they are. Big daddy Volkswagen clearly sees Proton as an angsty teenage kid who doesnt quite know which path to take in life.