white_myvi_small.jpgRichard Hammond, or known as the Hamster should be a household name by now, thanks to him being part of BBC’s Top Gear team.

The Hamster recently took the Perodua Myvi out for a spin, and he seems to be impressed! This should be good news for Perodua, who plans to lift it’s export volume from 3,000 units currently to 10,000 units a year.

No jokes, this is a good-looking car. But if it looks familiar, that’s because this is a Daihatsu Sirion in all but name. You see it costs billions to develop a new car – you design them on computers then build lots of them to crash into walls. So Perodua let someone else do it and spent their money sticking a new badge on it.

But they kept a bit back to spend on styling. Which is why, even though it shares bits and pieces with the Sirion, the Myvi is better looking.

And his final verdict:

So under seven grand for a good-looking car, built in a factory shared with Toyota, which handles as well as a Yaris, does nearly 50mpg with a three-year warranty – yes please.

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