There is this junior race series organised by ADAC called the Volkswagen Polo Cup, where young and talented drivers race using a single model – the Volkswagen Polo GTI. Boatsing a 1.8 litre turbocharged engine, it makes 150 PS in stock form. This is a special edition of the Volkswagen Polo GTI named after ADAC’s race – the Volkswagen Polo GTI Cup Edition. It has it’s 1.8 litre 20 valve inline-4 engine boosted up to 180 PS, with a max torque figure of 235Nm from a very low 2000rpm. 0-100km/h takes 7.5 seconds, up to a top speed of 225km/h.

While this is all very nice, I’m wondering when the Polo will get the TSI 1.4 litre engine, or the recently announced new 1.8 litre FSI Turbo engine which makes 160 horses in stock form as opposed to this non-FSI engine’s 150 horses. It’s platform sharing sibling the Skoda Fabia will receive a new facelift soon, so perhaps the Polo will receive an update later as well. I wish I had the opportunity to test a more powerful Polo/Fabia one day, as the car has a pretty solid chassis and I envision 150 horses in that thing could be very fun.

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