One look at the X Works Automotive Concept X1 Sportscar and you’ll be reminded instantly of the Prodrive P2. That’s excused though, as it looks similiar, in the sense that it also has a 2-seater coupe body, and it also uses an engine from one of the rally car kings, this time the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution’s 4G63T motor, much like how the Prodrive P2 is Subaru boxer-powered.

The Concept X1 was developed over a span of 30 months by X-Works Automotive, using carbon composite technology for the passenger cell. Attached to the cell are lightweight aluminium and carbon subframes which carry the drivetrain components. The Concept X1 weighs 1,180kg in road car form, but you can specify a track car configuration which brings down the weight to 1,000kg. The 4-cylinder DOHC turbocharged 4G63 Evo engine in the Concept X1 is tuned to produce 350hp, but there is also a further tune-up option for 500hp. Wheels are 18″ Lightweight Alloys with 235/40/R18 tyres.

So, which is better, the Concept X1 or the Prodrive P2? Both are 4 wheel drive, but from what I can see Prodrive seems to have put more development into the Prodrive P2’s differential. But there is one thing that makes the Concept X1 have the ultimate edge over the Prodrive P2. It will actually be produced, instead of being stuck in the Prodrive P2’s engineering concept status. Expected retail price is £45,000.

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