Currency Motor Cars, a company based in California, brings to the world this limited edition 10-unit run of the BMW M5 luxury sports sedan. The modifications on the interior itself costs about US$100,000, trimmed with some really expensive materials such as fully aniline dyed Florida Crocodile in black. For that ultimate luxurious touch, the leather used on the steering wheel is the same one used for the chairs!

That’s just the interior – what about under the engine bay? As you can tell from this post title, the award-winning 5.0 litre high compression high revving V10 has been modified to be force inducted via two turbochargers, one for each bank of 5 cylinders. The turbocharged air flows into a custom hand-crafted intercooler system before entering the cylinders, and this results in a mind blowing 810 horsepower.

Loving the huge amount of power, but don’t really like the crocodile interior, and very skeptical on how long the 7-speed SMG clutchless manual is going to take all of that power and torque. I am also baffled at the choice of putting the turbochargers behind the rear wheels just before the exhaust mufflers – refer to the photo of the undercarriage.

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