I stumbled upon this very intriguing site from the Motor Trader Forums. It’s called What’s In The Hercules?, and it’s basically a website made up to look like a journal of some really curious spy person. Basically he knows there’s a crate in a plane, and he wants to know what’s in it. The crate is supposedly from Russia, and is being sent to Malaysia. The journal chronicles his adventures attempting to find out what is in the crate.

I will attempt to summarize what he’s mentioned on the website so far. So far he’s figured out it’s a car, and by the size of the crate it is a small hatchback. The car has a 1.6 litre engine in it, with 4 cylinders, chain-driven twin cams, 4 valves per cylinder, and a special aluminium alloy cast engine block and cylinder head. There is also some mention of prototype. The crate says “Type: 16L-TC” on it, which could mean 1.6 litres turbocharged. Hmm… R56 MINI Cooper S? Or TC could mean Twin Cam.

Very very interesting campaign, and the website is registered to some Russian name which is most likely fake, but is hosted in Malaysia by a Malaysian web hosting company. The crate is also said to be sent to Malaysia, so most likely this is a teaser campaign building up suspense to a car launch in Malaysia.

The date on the crate says 23rd of March 2007, which could be the launch date… what is this mysterious hatchback?!?!?! I am dying to know! Somehow from the details so far, I am beginning to suspect it is the new 2nd generation R56 MINI Cooper.

You can view two of the videos on the teaser site after the jump, or go to the site directly: What’s In The Hercules?

Video: What’s In The Hercules? – 1

Video: What’s In The Hercules? – 2