Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd has updated the 2.0S version of it’s 8th generation 2006 Honda Civic, a move that I see as an effort to further differentiate the 1.8S and 2.0S models. I’ve heard that many people are dissatisfied that the two versions look similiar externally, even sharing the same sporty chrome dual exhaust tips.

The only difference is the 1.8S is missing the red 2.0 litre badge at the rear, and the 2.0S has a different alloy wheel design, however the size and tyres are the same – 16 inch sized wheels wrapped with Eagle NCT5 tyres.

With this update, the Honda Civic 2.0S now has 17 inch alloy wheels and come with performance tyres – Michelin Pilot Preceda. The new enhanced Civic goes for RM128,800. There is also a new exclusive 2.0S color option – Sparkle Gray Pearl.