Proton New Sedan

Proton has started putting up a teaser promotion for it’s new sedan on it’s website. We call it the GEN2 Sedan, however it looks like the new Proton sedan might most likely be called something else altogether.

Click here to check out the teaser. There’s not much information there really, other than a shadowy outline of the car which we’ve seen already in all the spyshots so far. However, if you click on the booking link, you’ll be able to see a list of colours available for the new car – Blueberry Tea, Iridescent White, Light Gold, Metal Grey, Solid Red, Solid White and Tranquility Black. You can book the car for a RM500 booking fee.


Proton New Sedan 1.6 HL (M) AT – RM 55,800.00
Proton New Sedan 1.6 ML (M) AT – RM 52,800.00
Proton New Sedan 1.6 ML (M) MT – RM 49,800.00
Proton New Sedan 1.6 BL (M) AT – RM 48,800.00
Proton New Sedan 1.6 BL (M) MT – RM 45,800.00
Proton New Sedan 1.6 BL (S) AT – RM 48,350.00
Proton New Sedan 1.6 BL (S) MT – RM 45,350.00

(M) – Metallic Paint, (S) – Solid Paint

Model range:

BL – 4 power windows, CD player and basic features.
ML – all BL features with additional alloy rims, foldable rear seats, MP3 player and electric door mirror.
HL – all ML features with additional dual airbags, ABS, EBD and standard Captor alarm.

All variants of the car will include an extended warranty package which provides warranty support and coverage for up to five years. The financing package for this car carries an interest rate of 4.1%. Delivery time from booking is approximately 4 to 6 weeks, and status of delivery lead-time will be communicated regularly.

The teaser page now has a preview of each model’s specifications and a simple FAQ. The FAQ states that the booking fee is transferable to another Proton car if the car has not been delivered yet. It also pegs the official launch date at 15th August 2007, so we’ll just have to wonder what the name of this new car will be until then. But everything seems to indicate it will not be called a GEN2 Sedan.

All of the information on this page are collected from Proton Edar’s teaser page and booking page for the new Proton Sedan.