Toyota iQ

The production version of the Toyota iQ will use a 2-cylinder 1.0 litre motorcycle-based engine, according to two Toyota executives in an interview with Automotive News Europe under the condition of anonymity. The engine will be designed in collaboration with Yamaha, which might also manufacture the engine for Toyota.

Toyota and Yamaha have worked together before on many engine projects. The high revving VVTL-i 2ZZ-GE was designed together with Yamaha, and was Toyota’s first all-aluminium engine. It is used in the Toyota Celica and the Lotus Elise. The 3S-GE and the 3S-GTE (but not the 3S-FE) also used Yamaha-tuned heads. Yamaha also contributed to the legendary 4A-GE. These modern days, Toyota still gets car engines such as the 4GR-FSE 2.5 litre V6 from Yamaha, and it is used in cars like the Toyota Mark X and the Lexus IS250.

The inline-2 engine will help reduce the iQ’s engine bay length, with the transmission being able to be located within the engine block and other usual engine bay space hogging culprits like air conditioning module being able to be bolted on the side of the engine. The whole engine module with ancillaries bolted on will be a single tall compact unit, installed in the front of the car.

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