ChangAn Jiexun

After 6 years of development, the Chang’An Jiexun HVE hybrid vehicle has rolled off the production lines – China’s first locally developed hybrid vehicle. It’s your run of the mill hybrid – a 1.5 litre gasoline engine combined with an electric motor. Chang’An says this will improve fuel efficiency by 20%.

Not sure how well this will do – Toyota only sold 2,000 Prius hybrid vehicles in China last year, but Chang’An promises the Jiexun HVE will be cheaper than foreign hybrids in the Chinese market. Chang’An also recently announced Chinas first independently-developed hydrogen engine earlier this year.

Could this Chang’An Jiexun HVE possibly come to Malaysia? We’ve had sightings of a tall MPV on road tests in Malaysia, not sure what happened to that one, but the model has been identified as the Chang’An CM8.

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