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I am sure all of you will remember the Persona pre-launch campaign where Proton placed Proton Personas in shopping malls, hidden in boxes with peekholes for you to peek in. To build up excitement for the new Proton Saga, codenamed the Proton BLM, Proton will demonstrate a stage-by-stage build up of the Proton BLM to enable the public to have a sequential view of the process involved in the development of a car.

The stage by stage build up shows the models’ key selling points – its reinforced chassis, fuel-efficient IAFM (integrated air fuel module), strong body structure, and spacious for class interior. These demonstrations will be held during the following times and places:

Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara: 5pm 6th Jan, 8pm 11th Jan, 8pm 17th Jan
Queensbay Mall Penang: 5pm 10th Jan, 5pm 13th Jan, 8pm 17th Jan
Plaza Angsana Johor Baru: 5pm 10th Jan, 5pm 13th Jan, 8pm 17th Jan

I’ll be at Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara on the 6th to snap some photos and maybe take a video. The second part of the pre-launch activity includes a completely built up new Proton BLM in boxes with peek holes drilled into them, similiar to the Proton Persona peekaboo campaign. These boxed up cars will be carried on trailers and will go around the country, including rural areas and townships.

The truck route for the boxed up Proton BLM is available after the jump.

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Proton BLM Peekaboo Schedule
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