Volkswagen LogoVolkswagen works council chief Bernd Osterloh says what started as two German companies growing together has ended up as a hostile takeover of Volkswagen by Porsche. The Volkswagen works council and Porsche is currently in a legal battle over how many workers from Volkswagen should be represented on the supervisory board’s holding company. The current proposal is 3 seats from Volkswagen and 3 seats from Porsche on the board. Naturally, Volkswagen wants more seats, and they justify it with the fact that Volkswagen had over 30 times more workers then Porsche, so it should have greater representation.

Osterloh also thinks that the new holding company which will hold both Porsche and Volkswagen should be called Volkswagen and Porsche Automobilholding instead of just being called Porsche Automobilholding as it is now.