Kia showcased three differently styled concept versions of the Kia SOUL, an upcoming production model set to be launched at the Paris Motor Show this year.

The Kia SOUL Diva is aimed at the conscious young-at-heart woman who regards her car as part of her outfit. The Kia SOUL Burner is the “bad boy”, while the Kia SOUL Searcher is meant to project a sense of tranquility within the urban jungle, somewhat like a comfort zone.

“Because this new Kia model is not a replacement for an existing vehicle and will play a unique role within the Kia range it can be a bit of a rebel! The trio of concepts shown at Geneva are ‘appetisers for the Paris introduction. We are making a bold ‘fun statement to highlight ‘the world of possibilities that this new Kia will bring to the marketplace,” said Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Kia Motors Europe.

Guillaume led the Kia SOUL Concept trio’s design team, under the guidance of Kia’s Chief Design Office Peter Schreyer. Mr Schreyer is shown above with the concepts.

More photos and a video after the jump.

VIDEO: Kia SOUL Concepts – Burner, Searcher, Diva