Honda Skydive

Honda will be showing a “live” advertisement on UK’s Channel 4 at 8:10pm UK time. The 3 minute TV spot will feature a team of 19 skydivers who will attempt to form a shape in the sky that spells out “HONDA”, within the TV spot’s 3 minute time limit.

This ad is part one of a two part advertising campaign called “Difficult is worth doing”. The other part is a TV commercial that has already been recorded. The video is called “The Jump”, and features 45 skydivers that will form shapes in the sky showcasing new technologies in the recently unveiled UK market Honda Accord. The ad is choreographed by aerial stunt coordinator BJ Worth, whose film credits include scenes from several James Bond films.

These skydivers may fall at speeds up to 480km/h, and the cameraman also has to skydive. The problem is the cameraman has to skydive faster than the actors, so he has to curl into a ball in order to fall faster, all while filming the ad at the same time. The cameras are mounted on the helmets of the cameramen, and special training was required to learn a technique of opening the parachute to avoid snapping the neck of the cameraman. The ad required 5 of these cameramen to be in the air at any one time.

I’ll try to find the related videos and post them on this blog once they are released. Look after the jump for a video of the cameramen and their special camera helmets.

VIDEO: “Difficult is worth doing” Cameramen