New Volkswagen Gol

The Volkswagen Gol is one Volkswagen that is sold mainly in Brazil and some other markets where it is known as the Volkswagen Pointer.

It’s a relatively low-cost car of sorts, heavily localised in design like how the Volkswagen Lavida was conceptualized for the Chinese market. In fact it would not be entirely off target to call this new third generation Volkswagen Gol a hatch version of the Chinese Lavida, since they are both based off the PQ34 Volkswagen Polo platform.

This new third generation Volkswagen Gol looks like a Scirocco with four doors, with some elements from the new Tiguan thrown into the mix. It measures 3900mm long, 1660mm wide and 1450mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2470mm. Luggage space in the boot comes up to 285 litres. It has quite a budget interior, to the point that it’s meter panel excludes an RPM meter, but a temperature gauge is retained.

Two engines are available, a 1 litre and a 1.6 litre from the EA111 family. They are tuned for city driving, which means lots of torque low in the rev range. The 1.0 litre engine puts out 95Nm of torque at 3,850rpm, which is close to the 100Nm per litre ratio and nearly 1,000rpm lower than the usual peak torque point. If ethanol (it is Brazil after all) is used as fuel, you get 104Nm, more than the 100Nm per litre ratio. Peak power of 72hp (76 for ethanol) kicks in at 5,250rpm. It’s decent power for a car that weighs 934kg.

The 1.6 litre is also very torquey at low RPMs, offering 154Nm at 2,500rpm with petrol fuel! With ethanol you get an additional 2Nm of torque at the same peak point. Peak horsepower is 101hp at 5,250rpm, with an additional 3 if you use ethanol.

A full gallery of the third gen VW Gol is available after the jump.

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