VW Golf TwinDrive

Volkswagen’s TwinDrive Plug-in Hybrid Prototype is based off a regular 4-door Volkswagen Golf, or at least that’s what you think from appearances. Under the hood is something completely different – an electric motor paired together with either a TDI turbodiesel or a TSI turbocharged gasoline engine.

The main method of propulsion in the city is the electric motor, which is powered by high density lithium ion batteries that can be charged via a plug-in power socket. For long range extended hour journeys the combustion engine can be used.

Volkswagen has insisted that unlike other hybrids where the motor supplements the combustion engine (like in large Toyota hybrids), Volkswagen designed their TwinDrive system to have the combustion engine complement the electric motor.

Combining both the TSI/TDI engine and the electric motor results in a peak power of 174 horsepower, and this is reflected on the car’s dashboard via a kilowatt meter instead of an RPM meter. Twenty units of the TwinDrive Golf prototypes will be deployed as part of a test fleet. In a 100km test journey from Potsdam to Berlin, the Golf TwinDrive managed to use just 8kWh of electricity and 2.5 litres of fuel.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Volkswagen Golf Twin Drive Plug-in Hybrid Prototype
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