I had expected to see a blue 200 DARPA Urban Challenge Lotus Elise covered with sensor equipment but the autonomous Lotus Elise that is on display at the Proton Technology week had a different coat of paint and less equipment. It also had its top off.

The car guides itself around with a combination of laser measurements sensors, high accuracy GPS, and radar. It actually doesn’t work as well than it should have here in Malaysia because alot of the sensor equipment had to be removed because they were classified as sensitive equipment and was not allowed to be exported out of the US.

The vehicle followed a path very slowly around a little “track” formed with cones. After awhile it stopped and seemed to require some reprogramming, which allowed us to see what lied under its bonnet at the rear. The Lotus engineers plugged in a Dell notebook and did some magic and the car was able to self-drive again soon after.

Have a look at what’s under the Elise’s hood after the jump, together with a video of the car on the cone track.

VIDEO: Autonomous Lotus Elise at Proton Shah Alam