Maserati Granturismo S

Like the Quattroporte S, the Maserati Granturismo S is a more powerful version of the “base” model, featuring a 4.7 litre V8 engine producing 440hp at 7,000rpm and an impressive peak torque of 490Nm at 4,750rpm. The gearbox is located at the rear transaxle and is a 6-speed manual with an electronically-actuated clutch which can shift at up to 100ms when required. Normal gear changes are slower and smoother, but if you are in the manual sport mode with at least 80% throttle and you shift above 5,500rpm, the fast 100ms shifting mode is activated.

Look after the jump for two videos and a hi-res gallery of this beautiful machine.

VIDEO: Maserati Granturismo S

VIDEO: Maserati Granturismo S in motion

PHOTO GALLERY: Maserati Granturismo S
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