Toyota 1/X Concept

Japan’s Mag-X carried a story earlier this year claiming Toyota is working on a production version of the Toyota 1/X Concept (shown above) based on the next generation Toyota Yaris chassis (which will be a development of the Toyota iQ’s chassis), set to hit the production lines towards the end of 2011. It will probably be displayed to the public at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, which is the next motorshow after the 2009 show, as the show is only held every two years.

Toyota is apparently targeting a fuel economy of 44km per litre according to the Japanese 10-15 mode measurements. It will be one of Toyota’s smallest hybrids to keep true to its lightweight roots in the 1/X concept, and will measure slightly less than 4 meters long. It will also be one of Toyota’s cheapest hybrids, so to keep costs down NiMH batteries are likely to be used rather than lithium ion batteries.