BMW Concept CS

We heard news back in September that BMW had tasked its M Division with building a production version of the BMW Concept CS, but it seems that after relooking its accounts books, they’ve decided that they cannot afford it. They’ve just released Q3 2008 financial results and the company only managed an operating return on sales of less than 1.3%.

The Concept CS has been shelved for now, as internal calculations showed the car would not be helping that return on sales figures, plus they do not need such a halo vehicle at the moment. Instead, BMW will be focusing on Efficient Dynamics and its “project i”, which is expected to spawn a new city car (i = Isetta?) that will have a choice of either electric propulsion or a high efficiency combustion engine.

BMW also needs to focus on its plans to cut costs by 6 billion Euros a year by 2012. As it is, they’re struggling financially. Q3 2008 earnings before interest and tax fell 60% to 387 million euros compared to the same period last year, far from the estimated 574 million Euros that financial analysts had predicted.

So the 4-seater, 4-door Aston Martin Rapide rival BMW Concept CS remains for the moment just that, a concept and nothing more until the world gets through this recession.