Honda FC Sport

This isn’t a preview of a future model, or perhaps just a very vague one, but is instead a demonstration of alternative car styling exercises that cam be done thanks to the flexibility of installation of a fuel cell.

The Honda FC Sport concept uses the Honda V-Flow fuel cell stack from the Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell car to power the electric motor that drives the car. The fuel cell is located behind the rear seats while the battery pack if placed low in the middle of the vehicle, helping give it a low center of gravity. The electric motor sits just forward of the rear axle. The hydrogen fuel tanks are located behind the rear axle and can be seen from above through the transparent glass.

On the interior, the Honda FC Sport concept fits three including the driver, with the driver sitting in a racecar-like center driving position. The two passenger seats flank the driver’s seat behind him.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Honda FC Sport Design Study
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