Satria Neo S2000

Not surprisingly since even Formula One has revised their specs to reduce costs, the FIA will be revising the specifications of the World Rally Car to specs based on the S2000 specifications called S2000+, which is essentially S2000 specs but with added kit such as a turbo, a quicker shifting mechanism paired with steering wheel paddle shifts, and an aero package that consists of a front spoiler and rear wing. However, no electronic upgrades are allowed.

5 time WRC champion Sebastien Loeb has expressed his displeasure and says he will quit the sport if the S2000 spec cars officially come into place instead of the current WRC car specs. According to Loeb, S2000 car specs will not be interesting to drive. He may return to circuit racing instead. But he is okay with S2000+ specs instead of S2000 specs if S2000+ can result in a similiar power output to the current WRC cars.

MEM could add the S2000+ upgrades to its S2000 Satria Neo. Could we see a Proton Satria Neo Super 2000+ WRC car in the future?