BMW Routes

The next time you plan a holiday in Europe, you may want to rent a BMW and make it a road trip holiday. BMW’s new BMW Routes feature (currently still in testing and might be offered on BMW Online services soon) has 25 routes in 5 European countries, designed to run over the course of multiple days with detailed information including photos and even the opening hours of the various stops for interesting sights or food etc you can make along the way. It’s an online portal where you can choose your route and have it sent to your BMW’s iDrive system via ConnectedDrive.

Future plans for BMW include the ability for customers to define their own routes and even share them with other BMW Routes users. This will be useful not only for great sightseeing trips but I can see people mapping out their favourite twisty B-roads for others to have a fun go at. I can’t wait for features such as BMW ConnectedDrive to come to BMWs in Malaysia, but as it is a telco dependant service BMW Malaysia is still in discussions with potential mobile telcos on implementation.

It’s all pretty neat, check out the video after the jump!