An early spyshot of the Panamera… disguised with W203 peanut headlamps!

With the industry being the way it is now, there have been plenty of talks about this or that brands being sold here and there, and of mergers, alliances, and share swaps.

The latest are rumours that Daimler, who have also been said to possibly do a stake swap with BMW, is in deep talks since the end of May 2009 to take up a stake in Porsche. This was according to a German business magazine called “manager magazin“.

Despite achieving things like owning a large amount of Volkswagen Group shares, Porsche is currently in debt (likely thanks to the Volkswagen stake buys) and has asked for German state aid while in talks to sell a stake to Qatar via the Qatar Investment Authority. Its debt tripled to 9 billion Euros after it raised its Volkswagen stake to 50.8% earli this year.

A Daimler AG spokesperson dismissed the report as speculation, while spokespersons from Porsche and Volkswagen said they were not aware if there were such talks.