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Remember the hot babe above who appeared together with the Ford Verve Concept that previewed the production new Ford Fiesta? Her name is Antonella and she’s a 28 year old woman who lives in Rome. Apparently she’s not real.

Antonella was also a “concept”, she was what Ford envisioned the Ford Fiesta’s consumer to be like. She was the personality for the Ford Verve Concept. She likes hanging out with friends, fun activities, clubbing and parties. And so did the Verve, or at least that’s what Ford says. It does look like a pretty fun car. The cellphone-like layout of the center dash area is meant to mirror her cellphone and the shape of the Verve’s instrument cluster pods are meant to mirror the kind of glasses she would wear.

You have to admit one thing though, the 3D rendering of her in the car above is pretty good! Look after the jump for one more photo of her.