goodyear-concept-tyre-leftThe tyre you see on the left is a ‘concept tyre’ that Goodyear made using BioIsoprene technology. BioIsoprene basically replaces a petrochemically-produced ingredient in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber with renewable biomass, hence this is a ‘greener’ tyre.

It was developed in collaboration with Genencor, a division of Danisco. Danisco is a company that specializes in bio and food solutions like enzymes and etc, and its Genencor division specializes in industrial biotech such as this new way of making synthetic rubber. Danisco has a factory site in Penang.

“Goodyear’s first concept tire manufactured with BioIsoprene shows the enormous progress we have made in using a bio-based alternative to the petroleum-derived raw material isoprene in our production process,” says Jesse Roeck, Director, Global Materials Science at Goodyear. “The development of BioIsoprene could help us reduce industry impact on the environment by applying renewable raw materials in the supply chain and making Goodyear less dependent on oil-derived products.” 

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