Alongside the E-Class Cabriolet, Mercedes-Benz displayed an unnamed artistic sculpture in Detroit. It shows a vehicle body emerging from the ground, taking a soft, flowing form – as if a shimmering cloth was draped over a newly conceived design. We can see that it’s an coupe shape, with an arching roofline much like the CLS – could this preview Mercedes’ new four-door coupe?

This design teaser also shows Mercedes’ intention to use the wide SLS style grille beyond its original application (two bars here, one bar in the SLS). The wheelarches are emphasized on, but the rear haunches are very prominent in the style of the E-Class Coupe.

“The basic proportions challenge the onlooker to interpret the shape of the future, real product that may be nearing the end of its flowing design process,” teases Stuttgart.

UPDATE: Live photos added!

See the scuplture from different angles after the jump.

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