This new 2.0 litre DI Ti-VCT engine (that’s a mouthful!) is likely set to progressively replace the Duratec20 engine in Ford’s vehicle line-up. The new engine is more advanced than the existing 2.0 litre 4-pot Ford and its Mazda MZR cousin, featuring variable valve timing on both intake and exhaust, a high 12:1 compression ratio as well as direct injection, and it can even run on E85, which grants it the ‘flexfuel-capable’ badge.

It produces 155 horsepower and about 196Nm of torque. While peak horsepower and torque may not seem unusually high for a modern 2.0 litre engine, thanks to DI and the twin VCT you can expect a wider spread of torque making the engine more driveable. This is of course just an educated guess on my part on what engineers can usually do when given DI and twin-VCT to play with, as official horsepower and torque curve graphs have yet to be released.

Instead of the current 4-speed auto, a majority of the auto-tranny equipped versions of this new engine will be instead matched with Ford’s oil-bathed dual clutch transmission.

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