The Volkswagen Passat CC is a pretty darn good looking vehicle and over here in Malaysia you can have one for about the price of a Volkswagen Scirocco. But I think Volkswagen was trying to be too true to the whole concept of a ‘coupe’ – they only gave the Passat CC two individual seats at the rear! A lot of manufacturers do this when they debut four doors with ‘coupe’-like rooflines, even the CLS and the X6 is like that.

The Passat CC is definitely wide enough to fit 3 at the rear so it seems to be a waste to dedicate the center area of the rear to a storage compartment. It looks like many others think so as well – requests by potential customers all over the world to offer a 5-seater has been so strong that Volkswagen has actually gone ahead and decided to offer a 5-seater version of the Passat CC!

The new 3-seat rear bench is optional, and the individual seat option will continue to be the ‘de facto’ configuration for the Passat CC. This option will cost the customer 100 Euros, which I feel is pittance for an additional seat when you’re already spending so much on the car.

If Volkswagen Malaysia offers this option (and I think they will – they have been quite friendly towards options in the past such as the funky optional Golf R tail lamps for the Golf GTI), you’ll finally be able to go ahead with your Passat CC purchase without having your relatives and in laws whisper about how you spent over 200 grand on a car that can only seat two at the rear!