Bufori’s luxury saloon that was unveiled in Geneva “is only 50 per cent complete” according to company founder, managing director and the car’s designer Gerry Khouri. The Geneva (the car is named after the city it’s launched in) will cost from RM1.3 million when production begins in June this year, but by then some things would have been changed from the car shown in Switzerland.

The only significant change to the Geneva’s structure will be a 100 mm increase in wheelbase length to make 3,427 mm. As comparison, a long-wheelbase Mercedes S-Class has a wheelbase of 3,165 mm. Length, width and height is 5,340 mm, 1,925 mm and 1,520 mm, respectively. To recap, the Geneva’s swoopy body is crafted from a mixture of carbon fibre and kevlar, bonded together by Vinylester resin (commonly used in the marine industry for its high corrosion resistance and ability to withstand water absorption), while the chassis is made from top grade stainless steel.

The Geneva’s air-suspended four-seat cabin feels intimate and luxurious, but ingress and egress isn’t the most effortless – calves will brush against the running boards that characterises the car, for instance, but the doors on the production car will feature gas struts and 90-degree openings. Better seats will be fitted and there will be changes to the interior design, too. The stereo and air-con units in the show car will also make way for bespoke items, according to Khouri.

We will continue to follow the developments on the Geneva as Bufori puts the final round of improvements to its luxury saloon. For more details, live images from Geneva and the official gallery, click here to link to our previous post.