Malaysian company BHPetrol has teamed up with AXLE Motorsport to develop young racing talents. The partnership has led to the establishment of the AXLE BHPetrol Racing Team which will see 3 young drivers compete in two go-kart championships including the Asian Karting Open Championship (AKOC) and the Yamaha SL Cup.

The karts will be piloted by 12 year old Daim Hishamuddin who is also 2009 Rotax Asian Champion, 11 year old James Pull who is a KKS Cadet Champion as well as 15 year old Tan Wei Ron. Wei Ron is a young rising star who will compete in the senior category.

Alex Yoong who is the founder of AXLE Motorsport revealed that the team aims to seal at least one championship under the Yamaha SL Cup and a couple of podium finishes in the AKOC series.

The team’s main focus is to make sure that such young and talented drivers have the correct foundation which will help them move up to bigger things in motorsport. As we all know the grass-roots motorsport scene in Malaysia has a lot to improve hence establishing teams such as this seems to be a good way to help lift the industry up.