Nissan has released a couple of new videos and photos of the new Nissan Leaf in conjunction with the Leaf’s launch. European market production will begin in 2013 at Nissan’s UK Sunderland plant. The Sunderland plant has received a total investment of over 420 million British Pounds for the production of the Leaf and its batteries. The UK government has given Nissan a business investment grant of 20.7 million British Pounds.

Two other locations will build the Leaf – Japan and the USA. The Japanese production center will be located at Oppama while the American plant will be in Tennessee. The Oppama plant will start up first later this year followed by the American plant in 2012 and finally the Sunderland plant in 2013.

Nissan calls the Leaf the world’s first affordable, mass produced zero emission car. It’s basically a 5-seater C-segment 5-door hatchback built on a dedicated EV platform and powered by a 80kW electric motor. With a rapid charger it can get up to 80% battery capacity. Its battery packs will take it up to 160km of ‘real world range’, and top speed isn’t too bad either at just over 140km/h.

Look after the jump for some photos and videos of the Leaf.

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