Audi has unveiled the ultimate R8, which is lighter, more powerful and faster. The R8 GT, which is limited to only 333 units, is about 100 kg lighter than the standard R8 V10 and comes with extra 35 bhp and 10 Nm. These combine for a 0-100 km/h time of 3.6 seconds and a 320 km/h top speed.

The standard R8 V10 is not a heavy car at 1,625 kg, thanks to its aluminum space frame body, so Audi has worked hard to shave the grams here. The GT’s windshield is made of thinner glass; the bulkhead between the passenger cell and engine compartment, as well as the rear hatch window are made of polycarbonate. These three items alone saved 9 kg. Other measures include a fixed rear wing (1.2 kg), thinner sheet metal and additional cutouts from the aluminum front hatch (2.6 kg) and a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) rear hatch (6.6 kg). The rear bumpers and sideblades are also made from CFRP.

Technical components weren’t spared. They shaved 1 kg from the power brake system, 4 kg from the aluminum caps of the brake discs and 9.4 kg from the battery. Audi engineers also gained 2.3 kg from the air intake module and 2.8 kg in the insulation materials. Inside, new carpets save 7.9 kg, while bucket seats with a glass-reinforced plastic chassis are a massive 31.5 kg lighter.

Obssesive? Yes, but the €193,000 R8 GT is not a luxury free, bare bones car either. Climate control, stereo and power windows are included, so is a navigation system with MMI. Most of the cabin is covered in Alcantara with contrasting stitching while the R8’s trademark cockpit arch is in matte carbon.

Audi’s 5.2-litre direct injection V10 engine makes 560 bhp and 540 Nm here, thanks to tweaks to the electronics. The hand built engine is paired to a six-speed R-tronic gearbox and power is goes to all wheels via Audi’s quattro AWD. The system sends 15% of power to the front axle and 85% to the rear in normal driving. Audi says that this ratio goes well with the R8 GT’s 43:57 weight distribution.

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