Lotus have announced that they will not be using KERS in 2011 due to a number of reasons. KERS or kinetic energy recovery system is an application whereby the kinetic or moving energy produced by the F1 car is translated into electric energy which is then stored in a battery. This power is later called upon by pressing a button on the steering wheel that produces a horsepower boost.

Last year, the boost was worth 80 bhp for less than 7 seconds, but teams like Ferrari and Renault are pushing for it to be increased to 150 bhp for 10 seconds. Details are still being ironed out by FOTA’s technical group and a decision will be made at this weekend’s Turkish GP. If everyone is favourable towards the system, it will be passed on to the FIA for inclusion in 2011.

“This year we had to buy nearly all the parts from other suppliers but now we are in a position to build the entire car in our factory. So we are trying to take advantage of the experience we have collected with the current car and to make the project more effective.

“If we were to have KERS, in accordance with the technical working group (decision), we would have to start everything again from zero in terms of weight distribution.The big teams are in a different boat, already with solid experience of KERS from recent years,” said team boss Tony Fernandes.

“What we saw last season is that it is not easy to get KERS to operate effectively and reliably; it took a lot of time, money and resources. At Lotus we are fully confident that we are going to cope without it,” he added.