There will be a new Mercedes-Benz “C-Class coupe” based on the W204 C-Class coming soon, when the popular sedan gets its minor mid life refresh next year. At the moment, if you want a small coupe with a three-pointed star, the only choice is the CLC-Class, which is basically a previous gen W203 C-Class Sportcoupé with the new style grille and other minor revisions. The old CLK has moved upmarket and grown in size to be the E-Class Coupe.

The old underpinnings of the CLC doesn’t allow for more development, and by sitting on the much praised W204 underpinnings, the new coupe should be a better drive.

“Everybody wants to be Mercedes-Benz. They are after us in the S and E-Class segment. With C-Class, we’re sitting with a four-door sedan and not doing anything else. Now we will go into segments where (competitors) are strong,” said Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Ernst Lieb.

Moving beyond sedan and wagon is a move to match arch rival BMW, which has sedan, coupe, convertible and wagon versions of the 3 Series. It’s “an opportunity to meet our competitors at their own game” added Lieb.

We’re already dreaming of a two-door version of the C63 AMG!