Engineers at MWDesign are an odd bunch, getting inspiration from random everyday thoughts. How random? As random as redesigning a BMW Z4 to look and feel like a set of Nike Slingshot golf clubs, that random. This has resulted in the MWDesign Project E89 Z4 3.5 which the company calls the “Slingshot.”

The power delivery in this golf club inspired car has been increased with the help of an ECU upgrade, creating 400 horses and 569Nm of torque. Adequate airflow in and out of engine was key and this was done with the addition of an intercooler, diverter valve, charge pipe, bigger intake filters and Eisenmann Black Series quad exhaust.

Handling that increase in performance will be the addition of adjustable swaybars, new springs, and better shocks which sits on 20-inch forged wheels with Toyo Proxes tires. This complements the aerodynamic changes in the body which feature carbon fibre splitters and quad rear diffuser.

The car also sports green accenting around the front air intakes in line with the design of the Nike Golf clubs. No information on the pricing but it will definitely be a unique addition to the tuning car hall of fame. Look after the jump for more pictures of the Nike Slingshot inspired Z4.

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