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This is a covered up Proton Exora snapped by reader Zai today on the North South Highway near the Proton City exit. Looks quite normal actually even down to the wheels, until you look at the side where you begin to notice some livery.

According to Zai, the livery had a big ‘hybrid’ word. I can’t really see it in these photos but considering the light green and light blue stripes that we can see as part of the livery, it kinda fits the hybrid theme. I guess this means that a hybrid Exora is now here in Malaysia. Proton revealed in the past that a hybrid Exora had existed in the UK and that it would eventually bring it back here to Malaysia.

A promotional poster at Proton’s recent 25th anniversary dinner (available below) reveals more details on Proton’s alternative fuel vehicle endeavors.

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According to Proton, their EV project started in November 2008 with a team of technologists dispatched to Lotus Engineering UK to develop two EV cars. One was a Proton Persona with a longer range, faster acceleration and higher maximum speed while the other was a Proton Saga EV with basic performance for urban city driving needs.

It’s hybrid vehicle efforts started in September 2009, with an Exora-based “serial digital hybrid electric vehicle” demonstrator to be used for performance evaluation, testing and safety assessment. This could be the car we are seeing above?