According to Naza director Samson Anand George’s Facebook status update late last month, 2011 will be the year for Kia in Malaysia – I guess that’s an indication that Nasim’s onslaught of Peugeot models this year and next (3008 and 207 Sedan launched – we still have the 308 6-speed, 308CC, RCZ, 5008, 408 and perhaps 508 on the way) will be accompanied by sister company Naza Kia launching some new Kia models.

We’ve been waiting for the new Kia Sorento and the new Kia Sportage for a long time now (soon there’s also the new Kia Optima to look forward to) – there’s already a registered unit of the new Sorento going around town, seems to be a Naza management company car. Now this golden new model Kia Sportage was spotted by reader Nazril in Rawang on a trailer.

There’s only one unit on the trailer though so I don’t think there are any stocks being prepared for delivery in Malaysia right now – perhaps this single unit will be used for homologation or market research or something like that. The Sportage’s Hyundai-badged companion made its debut this year and seems to be relatively well received so far.