The Perodua Viva Elite Exclusive Edition is the latest edition to Perodua’s Viva model line-up. It adds a few new features to the existing Perodua Viva Elite model, which so happens to be the best selling Viva variant so far (41.4% of total Viva sales) since it was launched.

The new Exclusive Edition is available in a new colour – Classy Purple, in addition to two other colours – Midnight Blue and Ivory White.

Other changes include custom colored alloy wheels, new combination leather seats, and Exclusive Edition trim level badging.

The leather seats are made out of smooth leather for the main body, while the darker bits you see above are suede velour leather. The Viva Elite Exclusive Edition is priced at RM42,000 on the road.

Perodua aims to sell 600 units of the Viva Elite Exclusive Edition every month. The car was launched at Perodua’s new Puchong 3S center, which now combines the sales branch and the service center in a single location. The old service center has been moved to the site of the current sales center for better customer convenience and now includes 16 bays with 14 of them having hoists.

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