There will be public safety and defensive driving courses at the Maybank COTY2U 2010 Motor Carnival this weekend, conducted by PLUS Berhad and AAM Motorsports respectively.

Sessions are RM10 per person and will be conducted in the morning and afternoon of the 20th and 21st November at the MATRADE center in KL. You can register by SMSing Ameera at 0142693091.

AAM Motorsports will be conductive the defensive driving module which offers knowledge and techniques of how you can become a better and safer driver via defensive driving principles and correct vehicle control techniques.

It will cover the following topics:

  • Crash statistics
  • Identifying defensive driving elements
  • SIPDE (Search, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute)
  • Attitudes and behaviors
  • Demonstration of acceptable driving attitudes
  • Sitting posture
  • Correct steering techniques
  • Smooth driving and proper observation links
  • Braking exercises
  • Collision avoidance methods
  • Types of skid and prevention
  • Skid prevention control

There will also be special sessions for women at 11am Saturday and 10am Sunday.