If you think your car’s window film is getting a bit tired from too much exposure, well, here’s some cheery news – Llumar Malaysia has introduced a Llumar Film Replacement Programme, which has the company offering its range of films as a replacement for your existing one, at marked down prices.

The programme, which began its run at KLIMS, is specifically aimed at existing car owners who are looking to replace their ride’s defective, faulty or old window film, and is set to run as demand dictates.

Effectively, you can expect to get 40% off the retail price in a package at KLIMS, with every product in the Llumar range offered in the deal. As is the case, a package is made up of a full car installation as well as a windscreen film, which is separately priced. After KLIMS, the discount for the FRP will be 30%.

It’s definitely competitive, the pricing with the 40% off – for example, in a package made up of Diamond 6 film (RM2,320) and Gold windscreen film (RM580) for a medium-sized car, With the replacement programme the cost goes down to RM1,740 from the original RM2,900 of the combination.

To reinforce things, Llumar Malaysia has also what it calls a Llumar Performance Guarantee, in which a film is guaranteed to perform and not deteriorate more than 3% in Total Solar Energy Rejection yearly (essentially, the total heat rejected, inclusive of IR, UV and visible light). The five-year guarantee works alongside the factory-backed 10 year warranty. If you’re visiting KLIMS, you can find out more about the programme at the company’s display booth there.