Honda unveiled this pair of Civic Concepts at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, which will preview the Civic Sedan and Civic Coupe for the 2012 model year in the US.

Although these cars have the word Concept tagged onto their names, I feel they’re pretty much close to production. Honda hasn’t given it all away though – no interior photos have been unveiled except for one small sketch they showed for a brief moment during the press conference.

The formula actually looks very much the same with this new Civic as compared to the outgoing 8th generation model. I wouldn’t be surprised if much of the underpinnings of this new 9th generation Civic is similar to the 8th gen.

The sedan’s side profile looks more similar to the outgoing model, but the coupe takes on a more aggressive side profile that takes after its older Accord Coupe sibling.

The Civic Sedan’s front end looks similar to the 8th gen but the rear end gets a lot of work done to it – it’s the part of the car that has changed the most and looks the best. The interior hasn’t been revealed yet but will feature the same dual-stacked displays in the current Civic.

In the US, the Civic will be available in various forms – the sporty high revving Si models, the natural gas powered GX, the regular Civics as well as a Civic Hybrid.

The Hybrid model will continue to use Honda’s IMA system but will feature lithium ion batteries along with the latest revision of the system. Eco Assist will not only be limited to the Hybrid but will also be a feature on the regular gasoline-only model. Eco Assist is basically an on-board fuel efficiency display and feedback system designed to educate the driver on how to drive more efficiently.

It looks like Honda hasn’t messed around with the formula of the current Civic much but I hope the updates to the looks come together with improvements under the skin as well – you can never go wrong with more reliability, fuel efficiency, features and safety.

Unfortunately we can’t really tell from these concepts as they only show the exterior aesthetics of the new car.

Look after the jump for a full hi-res gallery of the new Civic.

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